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Berlin is home to lip-smacking foods and non-stop late-night parties. The capital city is cheap, making it one of the best metropolises in all of Europe. People here love to party till the wee hours in the morning over House, Techno, Trance, and EDM tracks. The city offers a vibrant culture, hosts musical events, and has every type of essen zum mitnehmen in der nähe for every taste.

Don’t miss out on these yummy German foods the next time you visit an online food order store. Here we go.

  1. Döner
Doner in Germany

First on the list is the most loved dish of all Germans. Döner is available in every shop out there. You can’t get far in Berlin without trying out the Döner kebabs. If you’re picturing some meatloaves and limp salad inside a flatbread, it’s much more than that. It is not late-night food for party-goers but a fresh serving for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Protip: Order Döner from the essen zum mitnehmen in der nähe restaurants.

  • Pide

Fresh morning, freshly prepared Turkish flatbread! Turkish Pide is easy to recognise by its unique canoe shape. The delicacy forms the mainstay of every Turkish food outfit and is a top choice among Germans. It is a flatbread full of ground meat, veggies, and some cheese. Does it sound like the Lahmacun recipe? Well, it is.

Pide food in Germany

The only difference is, Pide offers a thick serving in slices and not wraps. Find the best essen zum mitnehmen in der nähe to enjoy a day full of palatable serving.

  • Lahmacun

Have you ever tried the Türkische Pizza (Turkish Pizza)? Lahmacun is a thin dough stuffed with chopped meat, veggies, and herbs. It comes in unique tastes with a variety of add-ons. It tastes even better when mixed with salad, roasted veggies, or even Döner meat. If you never had a Lahmacun Döner, you will never know the real taste of Turkish cuisine in Germany.


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