Food is pleasure. And we should also enjoy the culinary specialties in our everyday lives. This includes trying out and tasting other flavors from time to time. Indian cuisine in all its variety and range of different spices is always worth trying. Therefore, one should know the “insider tips” where to find the original Indian cuisine.

Admittedly: To meet the really authentic taste of Indian cuisine abroad is very difficult. But not in Germany. And not in Jena in the geographical center of Germany – directly in a “line” from Berlin in the north (distance about 330 km) and Munich in the south (distance about 380 km) – where I am currently taking notes about my experiences.

From my personal point of view the portal “HALLOESSEN.DE” gives a good orientation, where exactly excellent Indian food dishes are prepared and served. And not only that! With the restaurants and delivery services mentioned, you can also have all Indian food menus delivered directly to your home. It’s really worth trying it out for yourself …

One of these so-called insider tips is TAJ OF INDIA in Jena. Here you can enjoy the extraordinary, spicy Indian cuisine to the fullest.

The menu of TAJ OF INDIA offers a variety of delicacies … – and all this in a very pleasant and typical Indian ambience.  As a guest and lover of Indian culinary delights, I felt at home here. 

To the food offer: It begins already with the tasty appetizers such as Pakoras, roast chicken, Chili-Omelette up to the likewise tasty as full menus including popular Indian courts with different additions and bread kinds.

TAJ OF INDIA’s menu offerings include appetizers, soups, lentils, salads, flatbreads, rice and pasta as well. In addition, other small culinary highlights include vegetable side dishes as well as vegetable main dishes, tandoorj specials, biryanis and desserts. Not to forget the main dishes with meat and many other delicious dishes.

If you are a resident or tourist in the economically and culturally vibrant university city of Jena and stay there, this location of course holds even more insider tips on Indian restaurants and delivery service.

To mention here TONY`S PIZZA – a place where excellent Indian dishes are prepared and delivered with a well-rehearsed delivery service also directly to your home.  Of course, it is also possible to pick up these delicacies. This way, you can get acquainted with the whole range of Indian cuisine and enjoy it without hesitation. Of course, this means that online orders are possible without stress and are used by many satisfied customers. I myself have used the possibility of online ordering and it worked out great.

TONY`S PIZZA also delivers in the tradition of the original Indian cuisine the Karachi chicken ( the real Indian traditional chicken cooked in the pan ).  And what makes this process very special: cooked with the real Indian spices. Why don’t you reward yourself with your very own indulgent experience and order this delicious delicacy at

A still larger overview of meal offers and culinary characteristics provide themselves you over the meal supply portal HALLOESSEN.DE (

You can order and enjoy the best and most delicious Indian food dishes via the portal In the following a small typical enumeration of menus from the almost unlimited offer of the Indian kitchen: These are some food courts as main courses for all occasions around the clock, above all for those, which are lovers of the Indian kitchen or want to become it. Of course, appetizers, numerous side dishes of Indian cuisine and desserts should not remain unmentioned at this point. Here are – among others – popular Indian food dishes, which you can order directly via the portal HALLOESSEN.DE.

Paneer specialties, Dal specialties and Sabzi Korma, Malai Kofta (Fine Indian Vegetable Balls), the Karachi Chicken, Chicken Sabzi, Chicken Curry (Chicken Curry), Chili Chicken, Lamb Curry, Lamb Korma – these are just a few examples from the excellent Indian cuisine.


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