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Eisenach is a small and calm town in Thuringia. It is located 50 km west of Erfurt, 150 km northeast of Frankfurt and 70 km southeast of Kassel. This beautiful city Eisenach is based on the twin themes of Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach was born in 1685 in Eisenach. He was a passionate Lutheran and firmly believed and followed the philosophies of Martin Luther. And you can see Luther’s beliefs strongly in this city.


With its historic market square and charming half-timbered houses, Eisenach welcomes you to meet two children from Luther Country in authentic places and enjoy their common passion: music!

One of the major attraction of Eisenach is the Wartburg Castle, declared a UNESCO world heritage site from 1999. Apart from the passion for music, this city is also famous for its wonderful food culture.

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If you are a history lover and are interested in knowing everything about historical facts, you should definitely visit Eisenach. Eisenach is a wonderful city that offers incredible castles, musical culture experience and exceptional culinary history. Also if you are an adventure lover, you should definitely visit Eisenach. Here you can enjoy the walking trails, hiking trails, skydiving, off-road trails, hiking, parachute gliding and many more adventures.


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