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The city got its name from the ancient word “Erpha” which means “Brown Water”. And this brown water relates back to the colour of the Gera River Valley which flows along with Erfurt. Erfurt was named the capital of Thuringia in 1991. The population of the city is around 200,000. The city is located 320 km, southwest of Berlin.

Erfurt is also a major high-tech hub in East Germany. Known for growing a wide variety of flowers and vegetables, an industry that originated in the large gardens attached to monasteries, exports seeds and processed foods. The city is also greatly famous for its cathedrals and churches. In fact, there was a time when the city was also called “The City of Towers”. It was given this name mainly for the tall towers of the city's 25 parish churches, 15 abbeys and monasteries, and ten chapels that stretched out to the heavens.

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If you want to enjoy the traditional cuisines of Germany then Erfurt is the place. The delicious recipes cooked in the restaurants are passed on from generations to generations. Many hearty, high-calorie dishes revolve around large slices of slow-cooked or grilled meat and while it sounds heavenly to some, vegetarians who want to try local foods often find themselves with typical side dishes, like the cabbage and potatoes. Either way, trying the local cuisine should be on your list of must-see experiences.


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