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Located near the banks of Zorge River, at the slopes of Harz mountains, Nordhausen is another lively city of Germany. It is located 60 km north of Erfurt and has a population of 42,000. Nordhausen was once famous for its tobacco production and is even now known for its distilled spirit.


Agriculture plays an important role even today in Nordhausen. About 57% of the municipal territory is used for agriculture. Grains from the region are used in the manufacture of famous local alcohol, Nordhäuser Korn. Historically, the sulfuric acid produced by the distillation of green vitriol (iron (II) sulfate) was known as Nordhausen vitriol oil.

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While every restaurant has its own signature dishes and recipes, but when it comes to the Arabic cuisine and the most available varieties of Pizzas in Nordhausen, the most loved and famous restaurants in Nordhausen listed with Halloessen are