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Located in central Germany, Weimar is a small city. But holds a lot of cultural and historical importance. In fact, it is also referred to as "Germany in a Nutshell". If want to have a glimpse of what Germany looks like, it's culture, traditions, culinary history, Weimar is the best place to visit in Germany. This small but significant city of Germany is also known as the birthplace of German Classicism. In fact, several monuments and castles in Weimar have been made the world heritage site by UNESCO.

Weimar and Berlin were two cities of Germany that became the epicentre for several intellectuals, artists, innovators from different fields during the Republic years of Weimar.  Weimar is also famous for serving the most delicious, traditional dishes of Germany. The most famous ones are Greubener Salami, Altenburger Ziegenkäse, Thüringer Rotwurst, Thüringer Leberwurst, Eichsfelder Feldgieker, etc.

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