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Jena is situated between Europe and Germany, in the federal state of Thuringia. Jena is also referred to as the “Green Heart” of Germany. Jena has a population of approximately 125,000 inhabitants, including students from all around the world. The city may be small but is full of fun and excitement. Jena is the perfect blend of modernism and traditions.

The food culture of Jena is very vivid and extremely popular amongst the locals as well as the tourists. Other than the food, Jena is famous for studying, since the foundation of the University in 1558. Jena has become a place for high-tech companies with effective collaboration between research institutes and the economy. Since the city has a lot of student population, life in Jena is very vibrant and lively.

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Just like the colourful traditions and cultures, the food in Jena is also vivid and tempting. There are several cafes and restaurants in Jena that offers delicious food. The culinary side of Jena offers several mouth-watering dishes. The red cabbage and dumpling roll is a long runner. The grilled sausage still works. Of course, there are also lighter dishes. The best is to take a virtual tour of the different restaurants on Halloessen.de and see what you would like to taste.

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Best Restaurants In Jena For Online Food Delivery

The best restaurants of Jena are listed with Halloessen that offer the best food of all types of cuisines. Some of the famous restaurants in Jena are:

  1. City Pizza Jena

  2. MD Pizzo Pizza Jena

  3. Tony’s Pizza Jena

  4. Pizza King

  5. Isola Pizza-Pasta-Ice Cream Parlor Burger

  6. Taj Of India

  7. Somart Pizza


Order online food from any of these restaurants and enjoy tasty, delicious, hot food in the comforts of your home in Jena.