Pizza is one thing that is loved by all types of people of all ages and in every geographical location. The history of Pizza dates back to almost the 1880s. Initially, Pizza was known as food for poor people, who could not afford luxury food.

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This delicious food gained popularity when Pizza was made in the honour of Queen Margherita. The origin of Pizza is still debatable. Italians claim it to be their dish while Germans say it was first discovered by them.

Well, this is not a surprise, anyone would want to be the proud creators of this world famous food pizza. However, according to the history of the origin of Pizza, an Italian baker named Raffaelo Esposito made this dish in 1889, topping it with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella in honour of King Umberto and Queen Margherita.

The queen instantly fell in love with Pizza and the dish was named after her and became famous as “Margherita Pizza”. And it would not be wrong to give the credit of Pizza popularity across the globe to the Americans.

In the beginning, Pizza was made only using the ingredients like basil, tomatoes and mozzarella. However, over a period of time, everyone moulded the recipes according to the cultural and regional needs of the people.

And now, there are thousands of different types of pizza that appeal to millions of customers across Germany and the entire world.

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Germans love to relish whatever they eat and in fact, not just the Germans but everyone. And no one in this world should compromise their love for food at any cost.

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Germans love Pizza, as much as they love Sauerbraten, Schweinshaxe, Rinderroulade or any other famous German dish. Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in Germany today. In addition to family-style chicken dinners at festivals and celebrations, pizza is also an important part of German cuisine.

Reasons To Order Online Pizza In Leipzig

After a long day at work and the usual day-to-day responsibilities, going to the kitchen and looking for something to cook isn’t always so appealing.

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Ordering pizza for delivery is easier than cooking even the shortest meal, and it can still help prepare dinner for your family and friends. Avoid the hassle of buying, preparing, cooking and cleaning dinner.

Here are a few reasons for online pizza order in Leipzig.

1.  Too Tired to Cook:

Returning home after a hectic day only to realise, you still have some hard work left to do in the kitchen. It can be more than distressing to gather the energy to cook dinner if you are drained out of all your energy.

The simple solution to this problem in online pizza order in Leipzig. Simply download the Halloessen app and order your favourite pizza, your tasty hot food will be delivered right at your doorstep by the time you reach home.

2. Sudden Get-Together Plan Of Your Kid’s Friends:

Your kid comes knocking on your door and says, “Mom my friends are coming over for a movie, can you fix something for us to eat? We will be 7 of us.” No request, no explanations, just said and expected to be done.

Kids enjoy eating Pizza

And you go crazy thinking about what to do and how to prepare something good so quickly. Well, the solution is, simply go for the onlibe pizza order in Leipzig, using the Halloessen app.

3.  Too Busy To Cook:

You have an important presentation at work tomorrow, lots of last-minute work left and it will be dinner time in an hour. You really cannot afford to use the precious time in the kitchen. But you also don’t have the option to keep everyone hungry for dinner.

Nothing to worry, Halloessen is always there at your service. Your tasty pizza is just a click away. Choose the online Pizza order in Leipzig and use your time in concentrating on the presentation and deadline to meet.

4. You Just Want To Eat Pizza:

The most important reason is – NO REASON. Your love for pizza should be reason enough to order online food from Halloessen. You don’t need to have a reason every time. Just pick your phone, open the Halloessen app and hit the order button, simply because you are craving to eat some delicious pizza.

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Doesn’t matter what is your reason, you can enjoy your favorite pizza anytime, sitting comfortably at your home, without having to worry about stepping out of the house to get it.

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