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Chemnitz, the industrial city of Germany is the third-largest city in Saxony. The city’s progress and innovations after the Industrial Revolution have been unbeatable. After the revolution, the city came to be known as the centre of mechanical engineering in Germany. But Chemnitz has more to offer than just science and technology. The city is situated at the foot of the Ore Mountains. Over the past decade, the city has expanded from the banks of the river Chemnitz. The city was previously known as Karl-Marx-Stadt, the name given by the great philosopher, Karl Marx.

Among other things, there is the Opera House (built in 1909), the King Albert Museum with its excellent collection of German Expressionist paintings, the Natural History Museum and the German Museum of Board Games, the only one of its kind in Germany. The Kassberg district, you can see the largest preserved area of Art Nouveau architecture in Germany and of course the variety of food.

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When it comes to food, every city of Germany has something special and delicious to offer and so does Chemnitz. The meals cooked in Chemnitz are really hearty and elaborate, including a huge variety of sauces. Like every other city of Germany, Chemnitz food culture is also influenced by its history, geographical locations and finances. The Eastern Ore Mountain region did not have access to any luxurious ingredients and therefore, it stuck to basic food like quark, flax seed and potatoes.

One of the important food tradition of Chemnitz is cake and coffee. So if you are a caffeine lover and have a sweet tooth for cakes, Chemnitz is the place for you. The Saxons were the first in Germany to add cake to their coffee consumption, a tradition that has spread throughout Germany and has become part of their culture. There is also a wide variety of baked good, cakes and pastries in Chemnitz. And the best place to get all the best food in one place is Halloessen - the best online food delivery service in Chemnitz.

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