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The Saxon capital, Dresden as been famous for various different reasons. Among other things, one of the major attractions of Dresden is its food. Dresden cuisine is famous for its hearty meat-based dishes and desserts that include delicious cakes and other sweets. It is no surprise that Dresden food is highly influenced by Saxton cuisine. And the most loved dish in Dresden is roast beef. The speciality of meat in Dresden is, it thoroughly marinated in spices and vinegar that gives the special aroma touch to the dishes. 

Dresden is also popularly known as “Florence on the Elbe” because it is often linked to Florence and therefore, it is also named Elbflorenz. Before the 2nd World War, the city had its own charm and beautiful architecture to display. However, Dresden was almost ruined by the end of the war. Despite that, the city has regained its lost glory.

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If you want to try some tasty desserts then Dresden is a heaven for you. Among other famous sweet dishes, Quarkkäulchen curd is the most loved one. Another must-try dessert at Dresden is Eierschecke: a delicious cake with cream cheese and raisins. Other than the sweet dishes there are several other foods to try. And the best way to enjoy the amazing food of Dresden is sitting comfortably at your home. To enjoy the tasty delicacies of Dresden, order online food from Halloessen, the best online food delivery service.


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Dresden is the third-largest city of Eastern Germany. While you can get everything at Dresden, but mainly the Dresden cuisine consists of lots of beef, potatoes, meatballs, seafood, thick sauces, bread, some kind of soft cheesecake and beer. And the one-stop solution for all your food need is Halloessen, the best online food delivery app in Dresden.


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