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General Terms and Conditions for

These general terms and conditions apply between the customer and

1. On our website you will find information about the delivery service / restaurant, the business owner, products, the company headquarters, the tax number, delivery areas, delivery costs and the minimum order value. At the same time, our website serves as an intermediary for ordering food and reserving tables in restaurants.

2. Customers can order products via our online portal, pick them up themselves or have them delivered, as well as reserve tables in restaurants.
a. is only an intermediary between the customer and the restaurant / delivery service.
b. The customer orders from the selected delivery service / restaurant.
c. Payment modalities:
- via the delivery service / the restaurant for direct orders via them
- via only for online payments only accepts orders and transmits them to the contractual delivery services / restaurants. These delivery services / restaurants are responsible for the preparation and provision of the meals and products.

4. is only responsible for the publication of the range of delivery services / restaurants offered.

5. After completing the order by delivering or picking up of the products or by visiting a restaurant, a contract is concluded between the delivery service / restaurant and
the customer. The terms and conditions of the delivery service / restaurant apply.

6. The resulting contract is only valid if the customer has given his true identity, contact information and payment method.

7. When the customer clicks on "to payment", a binding contract is created between the customer and the delivery service / restaurant. The customer is obliged to pay
and the delivery service / restaurant is obliged to prepare the ordered dishes and / or provide products. Both contracting parties will receive an electronic confirmation of
the order.

8. For the provision of the service, it is necessary that:
a. The customer must be available on the given telephone number or by email
b. The customer must be available at the specified delivery address.
c. When collecting the order, the customer must collect his order within the agreed time frame.
d. When reserving a table (visiting a restaurant), the customer undertakes to be there on time, otherwise a cancellation must be made one hour before the appointment if the reservation is not kept.

9. Advice to customers about the additives or allergens contained / processed in the products and meals is provided by the delivery service / restaurant.

10. When ordering alcohol or food / products containing alcohol, the customer must be able to prove his age. If he cannot, the delivery service / restaurant is entitled to refuse the order. The customer is responsible for any cancellation or other costs incurred.

11. The business owner is entitled to cancel an order if one or more points apply:
a. Customer has given incorrect contact information (phone number, e-mail, delivery address).
b. There is a risk of violence.
c. The minimum order value was not reached.
d. The offer is no longer available.
e. The delivery address given is not in the delivery zone of the delivery service / restaurant.

12. The business owner of the delivery service / restaurant is entitled to reject a customer in the future if points 11a and 11b apply or frequently apply.
a. is also entitled to do so.
b. and the delivery service / restaurant are entitled to report if points 11a or 11b apply or frequently apply.

13. is only responsible for the placement of orders.
The respective restaurant / delivery service is obliged to always guarantee the customer optimum quality and short delivery times.

14. Commercial information about
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You can contact using the telephone number and address provided. can be reached between 10 a.m.- 11 p.m.