When it comes to Doner Kebab, Germany is the first place that comes to mind. And we are not saying this. It is what Elon Musk says. ” Doner Kebab is one of the most loved Turkish dishes which has gained its lovers all across the world. “

Elon Musk

Even the billionaire, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk agreed to this in one of his interviews. A Twitter user had questioned Musk, “Germany has some of the best cakes and pastries. What is your favourite treat when you visit Germany?” Musk’s reply was a rather surprising one for many. He replied, “Döner kebab. I had the most amazing kebab ever just outside of Tacheles. Too bad that place got torn down. It was awesome.”

This was about Elon Musk. Now if we talk about the numbers, kebabs are among the most popular fast food products in Germany. Sales exceed 3.5 billion euros per year, while 600 tons of doner meat is consumed every day.

Let us understand about the origin of this amazing dish.

History Of Doner Kebab

Order Döner Kebab
Order Döner Kebab

Some believe that Doner Kebab was first introduced in 1972 in Berlin, by a Turkish guest worker named Kadir Nurman. He started selling this delicious dish in West Berlin, near the Bahnhof Zoo. 

At 26, Nurman emigrated from Turkey to Stuttgart in 1960 as part of a major initiative in West Germany at the time to increase its number of workers. Six years later, Nurman came to Berlin to work in the printing press but quickly realized that there weren’t many substantial options for busy German workers looking for a quick lunch.

Taking his idea of doner kebab as we know it today from the typical Turkish royal meal of meat kebabs served on a plate with rice and vegetables, Nurman wanted to make this tasty dish more portable. So, he just wrapped these ingredients in a kind of bread known as durum wheat and this is how the doner kebab was born. 

Just like every other world-famous dishes that hold cultural significance relating to different countries, there are several claims of the origin of doner kebab as well. Several individuals and cultures assert it’s invention.

Other theories, that claim to have invented Doner Kebab is from a person named Nevzat Salim. He is a Turkish man and claims that he first sold these kebabs with his son Mehmet Aygun (a fellow Berliner) in 1969 in a small town named Reutlingen.

Doesn’t matter who invented Doner Kebab or where it originally came from, one thing that cannot be ignored about this tasty dish is, Doner Kebab has a great influence on Germany’s food culture. And also, it is one of the major factors that drives Germany’s large Turkish population to easily integrate into the European food lifestyle.

Döner takes its name from the roasting pan used to cook meat stacked vertically, which is then sliced very thinly. This variety of fast food is then wrapped in bread or lavash wrap and stuffed with chopped onions, parsley, tomatoes and foil for easy consumption on the go.

Reading all about this is lucrative enough to make you try it immediately. Let us where you can find the best Doner Kebab in Germany.

German Doner Kebab – Delivery And Pickup

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The speciality about German food culture is, it has everything in one place. You can find, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, German, everything in one place. There may be small outlets offering fast food, however, these fast food outlets are not just limited to serving German fast food. So when it comes to trying Doner Kebab in Germany, there are lots of options. 

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