Just reading the word desserts had my mouth all watering and my stomach craving for some delicious desserts.

Every cuisine has its specialties in every part of the meal. Be it starters, main course or the dessert.

And if we talk about the German dessert, just like any other cuisine, it is simply amazing.


There are many sweet tooth dishes in German Desserts, however, pastries have always been the favorite.

There is an interesting story behind the opening of the first organic bakery in Berlin. Heinz Weichardt was working as a baker’s apprentice when he fell in love with a girl in 1963, who worked just across the street.

He waited for weeks to gather some strength and make the first move.

Finally, magic played its cards. He went to the girl with Schoko-Sahne Tart, topped with whipped cream and chocolate.

The girl took the cake home and offered it to her mother. In between munching the delicious cake, the mother advised her daughter to marry the baker. And obeying her mother’s advice, she found the love of her life and married Heinz in 1977.

The newlywed couple opened the first organic bakery in Berlin and even after 41 years, the bakery is running successfully (now run by their daughter Yvonne).


This romantic story is interesting, just like the amazing desserts served in different parts of Germany. Just like traditional German food, the traditional German Desserts also have its own stories and popularity differently in different regions, based on the locality, weather, and geographical conditions.

Let us have a look at the traditional German Desserts, Where to eat in Jena?

Famous Desserts In German Cuisine

The desserts in German cuisine are, as varied as its main course menu. Popular desserts include cakes, pastries, cookies, egg dishes, pancakes, fruit (fresh baked), creams, cottage cheese dishes, chocolate, and candy.

Variety of Desserts
Traditional Desserts available in Jena

Ice cream is also a popular dessert for Germans. This love of ice cream began in the 1920s when Italian immigrants to Germany began opening ice cream parlors.

In Germany today also people follow the same Tradition as it was earlier. Almost all the small towns have their own Ice Cream parlor at walking distance from each other.

Generally, German dessert wine, such as Eiswein or Trockenbeerauslese, is served after a meal. Also, a sweet liquor can be served for those who are not interested in sweet wine. Another favorite drink after a meal is a cup of coffee.

Some of the famous traditional German desserts are:

1.     Schnecken:


The name derived from a snail because the shape of this morning pastry looks like a snail. If you want to get the real idea of this traditional German dessert, you can compare it with a cinnamon roll.

However, unlike the American rolls, they are not topped with icing. Instead Schnecken are topped with raisins.

2.     Schwarzwälder kirschtorte:

Black Forest Cake

Schwarzwälder kirschtorte is just the German version of the famous Black Forest Cake. The cake is made with layers of chocolate topped with whipped cream and cherries.

3.     Berliner or Krapfen:


In Germany Berliner is almost like the staple German dessert. It can be found in all the bakery shops and is loved by the tourists as well as the local folks.

Dessert Berliner is basically a cushiony soft doughnut full of jam and fruit, topped with powdered sugar.

4.     Bienenstich:


It’s no wonder the name of this cake translates to a bee sting, considering it’s so sweet. The preparation of this traditional German dessert includes vanilla or buttercream, which is sandwiched between the dough.

The icing of the cake is then done with caramelized almonds, resulting in a creamy and a little crunchy bite. This is a very famous traditional German Dessert.

5.     Apple Strudel:

Apple Strudel

This German dessert is filled with warm apple and powdered sugar with a flaky crust. This dessert is literally dipped in lots and lots of vanilla sauce or ice cream.

6.     Kaiserschmarrn:


This is a caramelised sweet dish in the form of a shredded pancake. It is yeusually served hot, sprinkled with powdered sugar and fruit compote.

7.     Dampfnudel or Germknoedel:


This is again one of the most loved desserts by the Germans. You can find this sweet dish not just for dinner but in every meal, as a dessert.

The dumpling is stuffed with fruit and sprinkled with pappu seeds, powdered sugar, and lots of melted butter. Sometimes the vanilla sauce is also poured over it to give added flavor.

8.     Spaghetti Ice Cream:

Spaghetti Ice Cream

It perfectly suits the name if you have a look at this traditional German dessert. It looks as if lots of tomato sauce is poured over spaghetti in a plate. But in reality it is vanilla ice cream poured with fruit cream.

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German Christmas Food
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